2017, a Wrap Up

I admit 2016 was my worst year. It has been a tremendous battle. Which makes 2017 to be my recovery year. My recovery wasn’t easy as I expect it to be. I still have the wounds from 2016, ‘til now. My constant search for meaning, answers to some of the most pressing issues that have happened, for friendship, are still yet to be discovered. With all things said, there are still few undertakings that are to be thankful for this 2017. Milestones to celebrate for. Things that I might have achieved late, yet still a blessing from the Father.

Thank you.

First and foremost to my mom, for her self-less/untiring, love and support for me. No words to describe her sacrifices for me. Not just this 2017, but since the day I was born. She was my life support from my terminal illness of 2016. Thank you!

Thank you to my family. As I said in one of my posts, we are a barangay and I couldn’t tag each and every one of you which I might miss ten of them. But deep in my heart, I appreciate and I thank my family who’s with me all throughout my life. To my uncles and aunts, who treated me as their own (may have been more than of their own child). I am deeply thankful for that until my last breathe. I’ll make it a point to celebrate my day with you guys. And would make my natal day a yearly get together, Mateo.

To my second family, my friends. This 2017 sends me a couple of questions about friendship, and company. Admittedly, I wasn’t a friendly person when I was a child, and trying to cope up until now. Which made me hard to distinguish who my friends are since 2016–2017. It tainted the definition of friendship more than it was debased in 2010. I even had some episodes during the latter part of the year. And yet I saw and felt these people who were here for me. Again, I am so grateful to have them. I even found the least I expect to be there. You know who you guys are, and I deeply appreciate your presence.

To my mentors, thank you for the knowledge, for the experiences, for the challenges you have posed. Thank you for the wonderful, fun learnings. I am not where I am supposed to be if not because of you.

To my tormentors, thank you for the torments and tribulations you imparted from my 2017 that made me strong. That made me a better person.

To the colleagues, I met this year, more happy years to us all!

Salamat sa tunay na dugong pamilya pero salamat rin sa napakaraming hindi kadugo, tunay na hindi kamag-anak pero kapuso at kapamilya sa puso’t pagmamahal.

More milestones to be thankful for. But here’s a few things that made my 2017 fruitful.

  1. Of course, got a job and have managed to juggle two in a year (actually 3)!

2. Made it again to my beloved U! (Geez, my heart bleeds green and maroon)

3. Been featured, interviewed, and have shared few things I know in… yes Calligraphy!


4. Been able to travel both local and international alone. (Of course, cheers to my friends whom I met when I was there)

5. Ventured into a small firm. (Yes, I am a C-level guy. Kiddin’. Nah, Entrep guy I mean)

6. Been able to invest in different things.

7. Got my car and my own home.

Oh, my! 2017 was an amazing recovery year. Now it sounds not of hurtful past but a growing future.

Thank you 2017! Thank you, everyone! You guys know who you are! Happy New Year! Peace be with you! Especially to those people whom I’ve done wrong with and those people who have grudges on me. Apologies and may 2018 be an avenue of forgiveness and love. More adventures this 2018!

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