Finding my Chicago

Walking Chicago: Photoessay

Walking Chicago helped me find my Chicago. We talked a lot this past week about wanting to make Chicago our own. All of the different perspectives made Chicago seem more accessible. During our reflections, I found similarities and differences between each part of Chicago. Everywhere we went, we could always see and hear the L. Each part of the city had a different smell, a different feeling and a different demographic. Taking the red line of the L as far north and as far south as we could was a great way to understand the city. I look forward to continuing using the tactics we learned for observing the city to create my own Chicago.

John Hancock Center

The John Hancock Center was the first place we visited. I loved looking at the city from above. Being able to see for miles, as this picture shows, is beautiful to me. I also enjoy seeing the different levels of the city. The bird’s eye view is such a different perspective and I enjoyed being able to see both in one day. I thought the concept of looking at things in different ways was an interesting, because it makes you realize where you are and the massiveness of the city. After the John Hancock Center, we walked down Division Street. Taking one street all the way through part of the city was another interesting way to view the city. On this day adjectives to describe the walk down Division Street were fancy, clean, dirty, open, tight-spaced, friendly, new, scary, simple, old and complex. They all contradicted each other, because as I wrote down one adjective, I immediately realized that we also walked past the opposite version of the adjective, such as, old and new. It was intriguing to be on one street and see the similarities and differences of the things around us.


Uptown was another way to view the city from a different perspective by being there at night. In the articles we read for this day, I thought it was interesting that seeing the city at night allows you to be in a different mindset. Things are more calm and there are fewer people, so the streets are empty. At night the world seems bigger, your other senses are heightened because your vision is reduced. As a woman, we’re always told walking alone at night is a dangerous thing.I enjoy walking at night and I want to feel safe in my city to do so. I am learning ways to enjoy the city at night while ensuring I am safe.

I enjoyed all of the murals in Uptown. The fact that all the murals were by students made Uptown special. I also really enjoyed walking by all of the old theaters. It is exciting to think of how the theaters were the place to be at one point in time.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park was a different feel than most of the other places we visited. I really enjoyed how much the area was involved with its residents. For example, all the murals and the beach wall paintings were done by local artists, making it connect with the people. I enjoyed this part of Chicago because it had a very safe feel. I also really enjoyed seeing the diversity between blocks. Rogers Park had a very personal feel. All the murals and restaurants make you feel very welcomed. Most of the things I wrote down for Rogers park were typical things, parks, people, dogs, tiny restaurants and coffee shops.