Turning Chicago Into My Home

I come from a small little town, about an hour and a half north of here called Johnsburg. You wouldn’t think that it could be that much different from living here, but I could not even begin to list all of the differences. Leaving my hometown was scary, and it scared me even more knowing how big Chicago is. Of course I knew what I was getting myself into, but I came from a place with the entire town population being 6,000. I know everything about Johnsburg, it has been my home for 18 years. My new goal is to turn Chicago into my new home. The only way for me to really do that is to explore this city and everything it has to offer. Walking through the city seemed like the best way to really explore the city, even though I don’t enjoy walking and complained for most of the week. We walked through numerous neighborhoods and saw many different sights….but there were three places that really stood out to me. The first being the view from the John Hancock Center.

John Hancock Center

The John Hancock Center was the first place we went to, other than Lincoln Park. I had never been to the John Hancock Center, so I was very excited to view Chicago from an aerial view. It was so new to me, being able to see something for miles and miles. I thought it was absolutely beautiful to see Chicago at this angle. We all saw things we never even knew existed, which is something you can’t even describe. There was just building after building after building. The feeling that I had when I stood at the top of the John Hancock, just soaking in the city and realizing that this is where I am going to live for the next four years, is a feeling that is absolutely indescribable.

Rogers Park

The next neighborhood that had an impact on me was Rogers Park. I really liked Rogers Park because it didn’t seem like we were in the city, but there were little parts of it that reminded us that we were. I wasn’t expecting this neighborhood to be anything like it was. Our tour guide did a very good job showing us all over this neighborhood and she showed us many places that were special to her and made an impact on her life while living in Rogers Park. One specific thing I liked was all of the murals that were painted throughout the town, especially the one that is shown above. Wendy, the tour guide, had told us that whenever she was feeling down or was upset with something in her life, she would walk out of her apartment and see this painting of Barack Obama and suddenly feel better. I could see this mural doing that to me as well, because of how much respect I have for this man. When I reflected on the time we spent at Rogers Park, it was the neighborhood we visited that reminded me the most of my hometown. There were small shops, paintings, families, and dogs. It had a very welcoming feel to the neighboorhood.


This photograph is probably one of my favorite pictures that I took throughout the week. I took this image while we were walking through the neighborhood of Beverly, and it shocked me that you would find something like this in Chicago. To be honest, Beverly was probably my least favorite place we visited. It didn’t seem as if we were in the city at all. I loved this castle we saw, but that was about it. I felt that this neighborhood was not as interesting as the other ones we visited, and it was kinda dissapointing that we ended the week like that.

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