Week 6 October 19

  • In “Cities Belong to Us,” Hollis cites Henri Lefebvre’s idea of “the right to the city.” How is “the right to the city” defined in the article? Who has the right to the city? Who has “access” to public spaces? How do the articles by Stafford, Posner, or Dumke help illustrate the meaning of this quotation and the consequences for public space?

In “Cities Belong to Us,” Hollis cites Henri Lefebvre’s idea of “the right to the city” and defines it as people being able to participate in events or what happens around the city. Throughout the article, Hollis talks about how people have been abandoning the streets over the years and how the streets are now ghost towns. The citizens of the city have the right to the city because they are the inhabitants of that place and without them, the city would not function as a society. Hollis also mentioned how being able to walk/run can unite people to become closer and build a stronger community. Hollis described his experience as exhilarating and liberating. He states that he enjoyed being around the company of strangers because it allowed him to interact with public spaces that he commonly crossed without consideration. The moral of the article is to give a new sense of walking because walking can create interactions that social media can’t do. (164)

  • Drawing on the readings, why is it important for people — including walkers — to think of themselves as citizens? What is the relationship between walking, citizenship, and public space?

I believe that it is important for people to consider themselves citizens because they are the people who live there. Being a citizen is being part of society. Even though someone may look at themselves as a small number, that small number adds up and is important to the overall sum. The relationship between being a citizen and walking is huge. Being a citizen should make a person feel free to walk and explore their surroundings. Walking is a right that everyone has and is free to enjoy. There are no limits to how much a person can walk or how far. Walking is great in the way that anyone can go as they please in their city. Lastly being a citizen should make you more comfortable in public spaces because there should be no reason for a person to not feel like they do not belong in their communities. (150).



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