A Contradiction of Sorts.

Nicole Mattea

Walking Chicago; Common Hour

Walking and Me presentation

October 18, 2016

Before coming to school, I knew I had a vague idea and impression of what Chicago was really like. I had been to the city on multiple occasions, but never really seen past what I and probably most others think the city is. Skyscrapers, the Bean, unlimited shopping, and endless restaurants. This class has given me the opportunity to branch out in more ways that I would have ever thought was possible. I think I’m a little more dedicated to my surroundings as a result. I find myself looking a little closer at things I wouldn’t notice in ordinary circumstances, leading to the result of most of these photos. These images also focus on the smaller things in a place so big. I think they might be my way of finding quirky and interesting things in a city that can sometimes seem unreachable and never stopping at times. Maybe a way of making myself more interested and comfortable in any area largely unfamiliar to me? I’m not sure. Enjoying the little aspects in the larger environment. I also find myself enjoying the city in completely different aspects. As opposed to feeling insignificant in a place so large and vast, I find myself feeling more significant. Being busy and always moving gives my life a purpose that high school and living at home never really gave me. Even if I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go. This is likely connected to the independence I now have as well. Going to class and being fully in control of what I do at all times is an extremely liberating and new feeling that I’m still growing accustomed to. This may also relate to my earlier point, the new freedom and responsibilities making me feel both excited and confused. I realize these two thoughts are a bit of a contradiction, but I find that I feel both in different ways. I think I make Chicago my own by being familiar with it. Being able to find my way around by myself as well as knowing where certain places are gives me a feeling of connection that little else can. Knowing where everything is and how to get there really connects me to a place. I’m not sure what my goals are connected to the city. Becoming more familiar is one, expanding what I know and learning what I don’t. Pursuing a degree is one as well and working towards a degree. I assume more will make themselves known as I live and grow in the city.

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