A New Day in Old Town

Last Friday, I arrived at the Sedgwick stop about 40 minutes early for work. It’s a small shop and not much to do when I’m working let alone, off the clock. So, I walked.

The paint chips I had chosen were Blazing Bonfire and Anime. I decided to go with the autumn/Halloween theme.

As I walked, I was able to find numerous displays of these colors. A few of them are shown.

Behold! The mighty pumpkin. I LOVE PUMPKINS! They remind me so much of the autumn season and how I need to make pumpkin pie. As I passes these pumpkins resting next to their tree stump, I couldn’t help but smell the phantom pumpkin pie baking in an oven nearby. The aromatic cinnamon and all spice floating through the air — I don’t want to go to work; I want to go home and bake a pie.

You won’t find any of this on a map —t hese photos, these experiences. Maps tell you where to go, but they don’t tell you what’s there. Plus, you need a place to go to use a map. If you don’t know where you want to go, then crumple up that useless piece of paper. Maps are handy if you need one. Otherwise, the world is your oyster and you’re free to roam!

Beware of ZOMBIES!!!

I thought this was so cute.

For some reason, I pictured a little boy helping his mom put this up. Inside, his little sister and dad are carving pumpkins as apple cider simmers on the stove.

I have no idea if that was the case, but as I passed, I just felt as though that is what would have happened.

A little further down the road, I found this car. I love the colors here. Everything is so saturated and vibrant. The leaves on the ground all in different shades — the quintesential fall photo.

IVY! I love ivy. Anytime I passed abuilding with ivy take a photo. I think it’s so pretty and I don’t understand how it stays to the wall, but you know… one of life’s many unanswered questions.

This ivy in particular caught my eye. I’ve never seen it hang this way. It looks so undisturbed. Cars must drive through it daily and people walk by, yet it looks so fragile and at peace.

As I passed this little garden, I couldn’t help but remminice about summer. I hate summer time, but these little flowers tell me otherwise. They love summer so much, they are fighting every fiber to stay in bloom through the on and off chills that autumn has already brought our way. I convince them to embrace the inevitable change that fall will bring but they remain in protest.

I’m ready for the cold. Autumn, welcome back!