A Quest for Pizza

Walking in Chicago causes me a mix of emotions. During the day you have the stress of crazy drivers almost hitting you, everybody else is hurrying to get where they need to be, and when three roads cross it is super confusing to me. Walking is also my favorite way to get around Chicago. You get to take in all the smells good and bad, you can see everything going on, and you can stop where ever and when ever you want. Most of my walking is done to get from point A to point B, but occasionally walking can be considered a fun experience.

I started my walk at around 12:30. I was super hungry so I decided to try this pizza place. I started down Fullerton thinking I was on my way to some delicious pizza. The walk was pleasing besides for the dust from the construction work stinging my eyes. I sought shelter on a nearby street and checked my progress towards my goal. It turned out it was the wrong way. I turned down the side street and walked all the way back to the Fullerton station with pizza on my mind. I passed a dog walker and a school having recess in the street. I made it to the Pizza place and the smell was intoxicating. It was definitely worth the wait and it was one of the best walks of my life.

Young children play in the street
Dogs smelling a tree. One dog is photogenic.
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