A walk down memory lane

When I was a child my aunt was a student at The University of Chicago and we would often come down to visit her and my uncle. Together we would take walks all around the city. Some days we would stay by there apartment in Hyde Park other days we would walk all of Lincoln Park and some days we would explore downtown Chicago. I still recall as a child walking into the Lego store and being in awe and begging my mom to buy me the coolest Lego sets. I think that is why I find exploring the city to be so soothing, because as I got older we would not come down to visit as often and the streets change. Now I can re-exploring the streets that once seemed never ending to me. Now that my aunt and uncle have had one child and a second one on the way, I hope I can help my little cousin have the same experience exploring Chicago as I did a decade ago.

Solitary Walk Map

For my walk of solitude I walked to the Lincoln Park boardwalk bridge.

4:25, I arrived at the bridge and pulled out my notebook at started drawing my map.

4:27, After finishing my base map and coloring in the water and bushes with highlighter I noticed the people talking at the Cafe Brauer

4:29, from the moment I got there I could hear bird chirping in the nearby trees but at 4:29 it was especially loud.

4:35, The highlight of the 35 minutes spent watching people was when a couple crossed the bridge while walking there husky.

4:43, A young boy and his mom came to use the binocular to look at the John Hancock building.

4:45, I decided to walk the boardwalk around the pond.

4:51, Not sure what kind of bug it was, but it was making a lot of noise.

4:55, I began my walk back to campus.

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