Advise from a newcomer

I have been in Chicago for nearlly two months. I gradually find the beauty of this metropolis. Chicago is the city that you need to take time to slowly find its beauty. Just like the train system in Chicago. In the first month, I always take the wrong line of wrong direction. the whole sysyem will become a little comfuse if you are familliar with it. Such like I cannot find the restroom when I was walking on the street. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes when I just arrive here. So, on my map, I will put all these mistake I have made and how to solve it. I just want to other people who just arrive in Chicago could get familliar with this city quickly.

In addition, I have been to several interesting place. Such as several outdoor markets or some shops.My map of Chicago will made from my perspective for those people who just come here.

Question:In response to Malchik and Hollis, is walking a luxury, a privilege, a necessity, or a right, and why? What are the threats to walking? How does where you live influence how you live?

Response:Obviously, walking is combine by all these part:
a luxury, a privilege, a necessity and right. According to Malchik “ Walking for just 30 minustes five days a week has been shown to have a significant impact on everyghing form obesity to depression and colon cancer”. So from the human health, walking is necessary. However, we just have 24 hours a day. 30 minutes means it will occupy 1/48 in our life. Addition, we need to walk when we are awake. We assumpt that we sleep 8 hours a day. So walking time occupy 1/32. Walking will cost large time of our life. It is certainly luxury. When talk about threats ro walking, you can find, almostly, modern production are the threaten to the walk. According to threaten, where you live influence you by those modern production. Such a s you live a small villege you choose walking rather taking a car. And also, live in small town has less modern producted such as cars.