All That You See at UIC

UIC East Campus

Friday, September 16th, 2016

I left my dorm at about 12:00 PM to go to UIC so that I could do both my walking journal and also meet with one of my best friends from back home. Keep in mind, this is my first time going to UIC and visiting their campus, which also means that this will be my first time taking the Blue line to UIC-Halsted from Jackson.

My arrival at their campus was about 12:45 PM. I would have been able to arrive earlier, however, I could not help but shop for some clothes in between the two train lines in the city. But I digress. I then found a nice little modern bench placed next to the East Campus Student Center.

Five or six minutes go by, and I see a horde of people rushing to each and every UIC building in the distance. It looked like a busy bees nests, with everyone walking in synchronization. This was a bit surprising to me due to the fact that I forgot that UIC has classes on Fridays unlike DePaul University. I felt a sense of relief.

At around 12:58 PM, I saw a person wearing black skinny pants and a pair of black low converse, and ironically a blue DePaul shirt, with the slogan “WinD City”. I thought, “why the hell is he wearing DePaul apparel at UIC?” And I realize that I too was wearing DePaul wear, and so I felt both embarrassment and pride since I was not in my territory and representing my school.

1:04 PM. I encounter one of the biggest squirrels I have ever seen in my life. The squirrel seemed very curious and also nonchalant. I recalled how the squirrels in my suburban town, Carol Stream, would always run away even if you’re fifty feet away, but the one’s here seem to be used to humans. Did I mention that the squirrel was big?

1:09 PM. As I sat quietly on the bench, I heard a conversation between two girls, one Caucasian and the other being Asian. The Caucasian girl invited the other to dance practice that were open to the public. Unfortunately, the other girl could not come due to classes starting in 15 minutes.

1:11 PM. I reflected on how on the windows where everyone is getting to where they need to be, everyone is trying to make the least amount of contact with other people. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and so there is no time for conversation or even a small chit chat.

Personally, Chicago’s streets make me feel like I am an explorer. Even though I have walked the popular streets of Chicago many times, I have always felt like there is something new to discover with each visit. Now, comparing the streets of Chicago to the streets of similar neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, there would be a stark difference. Chicago is a place where the liveliness of its entirety can be almost overwhelming which can be perfect for a fun night out. However, neighborhoods like Lincoln Park is a place for people to settle down and relax. Its purpose is to provide a residential feeling where you feel safe no matter which street you are in. But even though Chicago seems overwhelming, it is a place for me to calm down despite its strong vivacity. It allows me to focus on something else rather than my problems. So ironically, Chicago is basically my Lincoln Park.

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