An adventure on new street

11:00 Began my walk from University Center in loop

11:15 Saw a homeless people sitting on the corner Historic U.S. 66 street use coin to make rhythm.

11:45 Arrived at Grant station and get on the subway.

12:00 Got off on the fullerton station and continued to walk to the north

12:08 Arrived at Jonquil Park. Sat on the grass and began to observe.

12:10 There was a father help his daugher playing a swing and sister help her little sister playing a swing. Heared children’s laugh filled the park.

12:23 Two girls walked a huge black dog passed me and the dog smelled at me for a second.

12:40 I left the park. Saw a couple pushed a twins and the husband gave me a smill.

1:00 Found this old nearlly damged car on N Sheffield. Ave

1:10 Found this intersting caution in front of a nice house.



Frankly, I really didn’t want to go out for a walk last Sunday. Because I still had a lot of assignment left. Paperwork, sketch and reading assignment drove me to distraction. With an anxious mind, I went out to finish another homework, a solitary walk. Firstly, I started my walk directly from Harrison station to Grant station. It was Sunday’s morning, people, on the street, were not in a hurry as usual, which made me calmed down but not relax. I wanted to explore some street that I have never been to. So, I just took a subway, got off on the Fullerton station and walked toward north randomly. The second part walk really soothed me and induced stress. Let me show you how. When I walked along the street, a couple pushed their twins pass me and gave me a smile. When I passed the Jonquil park, I saw a lot of children had fun in the park, a girl was help her little sister play a swing. These most beautiful part of the life made me relaxed and had a smile on the face. This is what a walk through Chicago’s street brought to me.

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