Chicago is the New Beantown

I chose this picture because it illustrates how small are compared to our city. The towering buildings and the city stretches out as far as the eye can see. I look out into this huge city and I get to call it home. The buildings will be the landscape for my present and my future. I may be new to the city but I will soon know this city because it is my home for a while. In the next 4 years I will learn about this city and the amazing things it holds. Not just about the big skyscrapers, but about the mom and pop shops scattered around the city and also about the people and their different cultures.

This picture represents me not because I am large group of buildings, but because like Chicago it takes a long time to truly know everything about me. The vastness of the city is much like my personality. At first it is overwhelming, but over time you slow begin to become tolerant of it and grow to love it. The diversity of the city also has a correlation to my personality in the way that there are so many different parts of me. I feel as though I am a well-rounded individual just like how Chicago is a well-rounded city.

Chicago is going to be my city. I plan to spent the vast majority of my life and it all starts with DePaul. Building a life here isn’t going to be easy, but it is something I want in my life. I plan to finish my degree and become an accountant here in the city. This picture could be what the view from my office could be. Looking out into the city that I get to call home, into that beautiful skyline. I chose this city to be my city because of the amazing opportunities it has for my career.