Collours in the morning

My walk began at 8:00 in the morining in 8th October. The weather is good, except a little cold. Because the sunrise was at 7:00. It was just becoming warm at 8 am.

I got the first picture when I just took off the train at Clark/Division station and went up stairs to the ground at around 8:05. I like this house’s roof which is totally suit for one of my colors — brown. The second one was taken at 8:35 when I almost arrived my destination and I took it for same reason.

8:10. When I was walking around the North LaSalle Street. This bule door suddendly appeared in front of me. I spotted this blue is my blue and I like this door. Thus I took this picture.

The left is the leaves with my brown color, which made me notice that the summer has gone. The blue sign was just next to these leaves. I think this sign was for those people who take part in the Maraphon to find the direction.

8:20. I passed a park and there was no one in it. I thought “ Why not go and find something interesting there?” I took these two brown color picture. The right one was outside the park and the left one was in the park

This is my favourite picture among this walk. A old blue house hiding behind a tree, with a little mysterious atmosphere. I took this photo at 8:40

8:50. I finifhed my walk around an outdoor market in Lincoln Park. The weather is prefect at 8:50. Sunny and warm.

Respond: What is a map? How is a map related to the world depicts? Why do we make maps?

According to the Wikipedia” A map is symbolic depiction highlighting relationship between elements of some space”. There are varietes of maps. Such as two-dimensional map, three-dimesional map. Not matter which type the map is, drawing map is the a vital way to record the world. According to a map, people can realize some place that they have never been to or some place they are planing to go. In addition, people can add something on the map which is not exist in the realy world.We use map to exchang information. To avoid geting lost in unfamilliar environment, we use map to figure out our position. Map just like a vitual reflection of the real world, which is simplified by human.