Flower Power

“They aren’t waiting for anything. That’s the secret.” (Hecht)

It’s the truth… we spend so much time waiting for what’s to come, as if it will be any better than what is already here. Nonetheless, it’sit’s extremely refreshing to live in the moment and just be present: not reflecting on the past or contemplating the future, just existing and enjoying every mintue as it passes. Sure, it’s difficult to live your entire life that way, but sometimes it’s a much needed break from everything going on.

In the spirit of balancing waiting and existing, I will follow the flowers around the city. Flowers have an interesting take on waiting versus existing. They wait for the rain when their roots and stems dry up from lack of hydration, yet the exist in the sun, taking in its constant and ever-present warmth and energy.

It is for this reason that I love flowers. Also because they are just about the only thing I can draw, they photograph exceedingly well, and there are just so many different variations that you can never possibly get bored. However, they exist with great wisdom:

I have always taken a liking to flowers but never realized their presence in the city. I grew up in the suburbs where every house had some form of a garden. My grandparents can literally open their own grocery store, they have so manby different plants and legumes growing. Here, in the city, however, I fing extremely odd and satisfying that there are so many flowers and planters everywhere.

Flowers just add so much color and beauty and nature to the otherwise grayscale klayout of the city. Its black buildings and charcoal blacktop and dusty cement. The flowers and trees beautifully incorperated with city only add to its presence.

This is why I’ve decided to follow the flowers.

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