Harmonic Viewpoint

A few of my friends and I where originally going to go to the field museum but we left depaul around 4:30 and the museum closed at five on that day.

We got on the bus and got to the museum around 5:07. The city was filled with loud car honking and screaming people trying to get their destinations. We were all disappoint so we hopped on the 146 to try and get back to Northside so we could walk back to campus. We ended up getting lost and we got out at the Alder Planetarium.

It was 6:33 at this point and the sun was about to set.We stepped out of the bus and we say the lake surrounding the planetarium with Navy Pier in the background We looked around the planetary to the navy pier and it was breath-taking. As the sun set I could see the colors in the sky changing from bright blue to a yellow oranges to finally black. The city light illuminates the reflection of the water and the visibility of Navy Pier.

Around 7:04 there was a man that came riding his bike playing his music. This really set the tone for the night because he was playing old jazz music that marinated with our view. Around 7:43 it began to rain so we decided to head back to campus.

We had to wait for a bus that came around 7:53. This exploration showed that even though you don’t get what you expecting life will always find a way to bring you to a better place.

Written Response: Walking through Chicago has really opened up my eyes to a lot of different aspects about the city. People always talk about Chicago and its gang violence and how it’s the murder capital of the world.That is the picture that gets painted in your head when you think of Chicago. Even though I have been to Chicago various times because I had never really got the chance to explore it the way I have since I have arrived at DePaul. There so many different secrets and mysteries hidden through out the city and it is so fascinating to try and discover them as you walk. Lake Shore Drive is my favorite part about Chicago so far. Its North Avenue beach reminds me a lot of California, my home. The tall buildings and gray backdrop reminds me a lot of New York City. Walking through Chicago as a whole is a great way to relieve stress and find adventure. Every building and neighborhood is different from the last. Downtown never fails to amaze me from its huge skyscrapers to Lake Michigan there is always something to do or something to look at.

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