I Spy With My Eyes Something…

After walking and reading Krygier and Wood’s readings on discovering what a map really is, a map is a propositions of an object. A map is made to show what there is at a certain point therefore you believe what the writer says is right. A Map can include anything from a restaurant you had a great meal at to some noise you can here off the street. On this week’s map, I wanted to include more descriptive where I would include more destinations and sounds by making a sound key that can be found on the top left corner. People make maps to show what’s exactly there, to show history or the future so that in present day looking back you can prove what used to be there. As for predicting the future people use maps to show what they would like to see, what could be replaced or become of what was there before and become something new. To me there is nothing that couldn’t be mappable, in a way you could map almost anything. While reading below you will see I even make a map from my two colors.

I n the photo above are my two colors that I have chosen with no reason until I received Jason’s email. My new mission during my walks was to find similar items or objects that match the colors, and thats exactly what I did.

The Brown Brick Wall

I spied with my eves something brown. Only taking a couple footsteps before Lawerence, I noticed these bricks right away with each building on its side being the normal red brick, this wall stood out from the others. At the beginning I wasn’t trying to be too obvious but thats exactly what I noticed, I began to focused only on my shade of brown and blue and discover more hidden objects along the way.

The Mural

I spied my light shade of a sliver blue on this mural above. The mural itself reminded me a lot from our walk in Pilsen during immersion week on how the next generation was sending a message. The location is a hidden focal point where only people walking or driving north would see this work of art.

Along the Cemetery

I spied while walking down this long path was how green and visible the graveyard was with a open fence, no higher than around eight feet I noticed the grand trunks of trees which are also the shade of my brown with the sunlight hitting it perfectly as it goes down. With ignoring out the loud streets of cars zooming by you can hear the birds chirping to each other. The weather feels cozy with a light jacket and the cool breeze going by.

Strange Cement Markings

I spied with my eyes the color of my blue on the most unexpected place, the cement itself. Along my walk I gazed upon multiple markings of my blue with numbers and letters. Wondering to myself what it means. Before my walk I didn’t expect to find things so hidden because when walking around Chicago you become unaware with whats around you and this activity definitely opened my eyes to pay attention and look around at every detail including color.

A Historic Plaque

Even though my shade of blue wasn’t as close as I would like, this sign of many more showed the history of Andersonville and adds to this one of a kind neighborhood.

The Swedish Museum

I spied one of the more historic landmarks of Andersonville, the building as a whole is decorated from top to bottom with this blue and yellow. When walking right next to it people were also standing by gazing into the windows to see whats inside.

A Car

I spied with my eyes a car with a very close shade to my blue. Whats interesting is that when spotting this very rare color on a car it reminded me sort of a James Bond kind of color or England.

A Horse

I spied on the corner of Clark and Farragut I found this blue horse with a couple famous spots in Chicago. Waiting my turn to take a picture of the famous horse I noticed the new addition to the candy store’s advertisement that really caught my eye.

A Puppet Show

I spied with my eyes on that corner besides the blue horse was this puppet show as you can see above. This isn’t the first time standing in the crowd of children, in the past growing up near by my family would walk down Clark and this attraction would stop people from moving and catch there attention. As the show succeed my own attention once again, I notice the hints of my shades of blue and brown.

The Brown Elephant

I spied a place that includes my shade of Brown. The Brown Elephant has many locations around Chicago including right here on Clark Street. The company receives donations of objects ranging from furniture to clothing to movies. The cool part that most people are unaware about is whats on the inside. From looking at the outside from the street it seems like another crowded building but when walking inside you become shocked and surprised of how much spaced is used. The building itself in the past was a old movie theater that has been transform into something new.

Chocolate Ice Cream

I spied on of my favorite ice cream shops on Clark, George’s. The place itself is very welcoming and they have a great service, from the beginning the restaurant has been very involved with the community with murals and pictures all over inside. Of course this object I could taste the rich smooth creamy chocolate ice cream that so happens to match my shade of brown, especially when the natural light hits the two. Sadly this object didn’t last too long.

Another Horse

I spied another horse walking my way back on Clark going south. The horse was painted to look like space and the galaxy. My shade of blue totally blended itself with the stars. And with that ends my colorful map on Clark.

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