LAke Shore Drive

Having the ability to walk around is a luxury and a right in most cases. When you go outside to go on a walk you are usually doing so to get fresh air, go on an adventure, or to ponder an idea or thought. The luxurious side of walking comes from being able to have the freedom and right to go outside to be able to do so peacefully. Without having the right to go out a walk around freely due to the confines of the society or your physical ability, you wouldn’t be able to do so with limitations that you were born or dealt with. In some cases, however, you wont have the ability to walk where ever you please. An example of this is if the community or the police have a placed purposely blocked or section off. In this sense you cant walk around because of the restrictions that are pleased in front of you. Another example of these restrictions are places that are considered “dangerous” to the common person. If you walk into a ghetto where there is a high gang influences those people might not believe you have the right to walk there. Also richer communities believe that you have to have a high social or political status to walk in these areas.

My Favorite place in Chicago is North Avenue Beach. One of my first memories of being at Depaul was walking down ,in our various groups, to Lake Shore Drive. I was blow away by how nice and clean this area of the city was.I always though that all of the tall skyscrapers where located downtown but there were a few tall building in Lake shore Drive as well. This area has the Lincoln Park Zoo and also the most well know beach in Chicago. Being from California I loved going to the beach. There is nothing better than getting a group of your friends to go and hang out together at Huntington on a hot day. You also have an amazing view of Chicago’s skyline. There is a lot of people either playing volleyball or walking their dogs. It is nice and peaceful and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. You are also right next to Lake Michigan so it also gives off an oceanic vibe. The air there always seems to be fresh and you can his birds chirping in the background.The water crashing against the shoreline makes walking there peaceful and relaxing. There are also hundreds of boats docked down by Lake Shore Drive and Navy Pier. It is amazing to see all of these boats set sail one at a time and it gives the entire area more life and diversity. This is a place you go if you want to relax or take a brake from the daily struggles of school or work. This place will forever hold a place a special place in my heart. People tend too look at the negative sides of Chicago but fail to recognize the beauty of Lincoln Park and that Lake Shore Drive has to offer. Lake Shore Drive has rich history which also makes it an iconic part of the north side.

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