Landmarks and the Lakefront

The ability to walk is a right that everyone has. People should be free to walk where and when they want without being in fear. In a perfect world people could walk anywhere they wanted and feel comfortable, but that is not the world we live in. Whether it is a women being harassed just for walking or entering a crime filled neighborhood where it is not safe to walk alone or at night. Having the ability to walk is also influenced by how and where you live. For people living in Lincoln Park walking is a safe and enjoyable experience, but sadly for people in other parts of the city it is not. Even though walking should be a right to every person, it is sometime taken away by member of your community.

For my final project I am going to walk the historic landmarks and record the people that visit them. The idea came to me last weekend when I was showing my friend, who was visiting from Michigan, the lakefront. While walking from the Shedd Aquarium to Millennium Park we noticed so many different people all coming to the same place. That is the power of Landmarks, they bring people together with their beauty and design and aesthetic. I want to be able to give someone the best places to go in the city if they want to view all the unique landmarks.

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