Paving a Project

Not from a walk, it shows how welcoming different areas in the city can be from below.
It’s hard to decide what to map in Chicago. I love so many things and there is still so much more to explore. I am trying to map something which centers around what draws people into the city. One thing which everybody always talks about is the city lights. Bright lights, fast cars, restaurants and malls, skyscrapers… These all go into a fast paced exciting city. I think one of the most beautiful things in a city are the lights. I love to stare at the lit up buildings and admire all the strings of lights around the trees. The lights are where the people are. They are cozy, welcoming, inviting… I think one thing which makes an area walkable is the aesthetic, and one idea which makes a public space accessible is how it is presented. Lights are one of the simplest and most attractive ways to do this.

My proposal is to map either one area, or multiple areas in Chicago by the lights they have. This could be general like neon signs, string lights, and window signs, or more specific to just decorative strings on rooftops and trees. I would map where the lights are, and how many people are in the area, while include where people are in the area away from the lights. This would show how part of the reason people are here is because the city lights invite them. This is still a working proposal however I think this would be a good way to shed some light on the city’s most desirable places.

Public space is important because it is the common area shared between all people living there. It is what makes the place livable and welcoming because it is available to the public. When public places are taken care of the area around it is better kept and attracts more people. To reclaim public space means to accept the fact that the place is the responsibility of all the people who share it. Only then can it be taken care of and given the proper attention. If a public space is available, it is helpful because it makes the area more appealing. By placing different things like parks or statues or interactive things in the public space it keeps people happy. When a common space is taken care of the people reflect that. When it is not the neglect can show. Overall, public space is not meaningful until the people who share the public space take action to make it livable and walkable.