Shades of Blue

A map is information that you can use to try and locate where you are at or where you are trying to go. Maps aren’t just limited to that simple definition, they can be used to make where you have been or where you plan to go. People use maps all the time throughout the day. Where you are using google maps from your phone or you have a physical map on deck you need a good map to navigate through life correctly. People have been using maps since the beginning of time. It human nature to try and figure out where you are going in to the quickest and most fastest way as possible. Maps are also comply used to make sure that you always n]know what is around you and where to avoid. If there is a dead end or a ditch a good map should point that out to you. There are a lot of people that purposely don’t use makes because they want to go on adventure without a guide. People also have mental maps in their heads. If you have lived in one place you whole place or visit a place a lot you develop a mental map of where everything is.

I get off of the Red line at Jackson around 2:03 to begin my walk. While I was in the train a man came on and started to talk to everyone else on the subway how he ended money so that he could get something to eat. This is often a common occurrence on the red line. After I get off the train I see a group of men singing and dancing in complete unity. My colors are blue and dark blue and even those these are two examples aren’t colors the blue or ,blues, is represented in the sadness of some peoples situation in the city. There are a lot of people that are in a bad situation and people that are really talented but don’t get the recognition that they deserve.

As I got out of the subway and onto the main level of downtown I realized that I was right next to Harold Washington Library. As I walked passed it on my way to the Chicago Riverwalk I looked on the ground and saw a “M.” I didn’t know what the M was going to represent so I interpreted it as Making the most of your opportunities. When I was little I always knew that I wanted to live in a big city. I would often dream and imagine myself living in of the major cities in the world. My parents were originally from Chicago so I would always come during breaks to visit. I am just blessed and happy to be here and plan to make the most of this opportunity

I continued to walk down the street and I looked to my left and saw a long roll of blue city bikes. There would perfectly alined on the bike rack. This looked like city own bikes that you can rent because of seen them constantly throughout the city. This adds the culture of the city because that is one of the images I get of downtown when people talk about it.

I keep walking and saw a couple guy talking to each other and infant of them was able trash can. I oddly stuck me because I have never see an all blue trash can. I went to crosse the street and I noticed that a sign that said Chicago police was knocked down. I looks as someone pushed it down on purpose. I wasn’t sure that if the police took it down or if someone else did.

After I crossed the street I walked passed the Jordan store and decided to go inside. I was blow away by how nice it was while I was inside. He had shoes on a glass display with huge poster of him dunking in the background. Everything inside was placed perfectly and the workers where really professional. I was looking at the shoes on display and there was these blue Jordan that looked amazing.

I finally arrived at the riverwalk walk. I decided to take a break from all the walking and just sit down and enjoy the scenery. I looked up at the buildings and the sky. The temperature was 75 degrees and the sky was clear and looked blue. It was a peaceful moment.

As I returned back to the Red Line I was the cubs slogan “Ws” hanging off the buildings downtown moving slightly in the breeze. The cubs are the best team in MLB at the moment and are predicted to when the entire world series.

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