Speed Walking and Fast Food

Walking is A right for every person. A person should be free to walk without fear in any neighborhood, at any time, on any day. This is obviously not true and it is a crime. A person does not walk in certain neighborhoods because crime is a major issue in certain areas. It is not safe for anyone to walk alone at night in any neighborhood. A woman should be able to walk the street and not have to deal with men badgering her about her appearance. Walking is determined by where a person lives as well. A person who lives in Lincoln Park is much safer walking at night than someone on the south side of Chicago. Although walking should be a right to every person, it is often taken away by other people in the same community. Walking should be a right to every person, but sadly in today’s society it isn’t.

For my project I am going to walk the streets in Lincoln Park and see which streets have the largest variety of foods. This idea came to me because of Jason thinking I am always hungry. If a person were to ask where to go to eat, why not give them a street with the largest of variety of food so they can have whatever they are craving. I could not honestly tell a person where to go to have the widest variety of food options and it intrigues me what street offers the widest variety. I still am struggling about how to illustrate the mapping of the street but it will come to me.

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