St(art)e Street: Street art in the city.

I would like to make my map about street art in Chicago. How artists affect the overall street life and atmosphere and whether they contribute or take away from the quality of a certain street. Does their art make them more approachable? Are they considered more worthy of a monetary donation because of their willingness to share and sell their talent? These are all questions I will be hoping to answer. I will explore the street art in some of the most well known streets in Chicago, Michigan Avenue and State Street. I would like to map to their location on these streets as well. If they are more likely to be found in certain areas and if they more successful in certain parts of the streets than others. I would like to map success rates of these artists. If certain artists are more successful due to materials, work quality, and price. Race could also be an aspect I map. If the race of one artist with a similar skill to another artist of a different race have different success rates. I want to map street artists overall affect on the street and what aspects make them more successful and more approachable than others.

I would say walking more than anything is a privilege, which can be explained in several different aspects. For one, privilege relating to both gender and race. White men feel and are the most safe walking on the streets, while women and colored people are distinctly less safe in the streets as a result of the general public and police intervention. This gives the right to walk to only certain people, regardless of the street. It is also a privilege because some areas have more access to safe walking places than others. This allows some people to feel an ease in which to walk while other’s fear the danger, ultimately resulting in less walking. This can include access to sidewalks, cross walks, and well lit areas. The lack of these things can result in an overall unworkable and uncomfortable environment for those wishing to travel on foot. Finally it is a privilege in ability. Many who are considered to be disabled are not able to walk on their own, or at all. This leaves them without the physical ability to walk from place to place and ultimately leaves them with less opportunity than others.