Tacos, Cubs, and Paint Chips

A map is a device that is created to help someone that is unfamiliar with the terrain around them navigate the area. Using street names and landmarks, it allows a stranger to gather where they are with what is around them and continue in the way of their journey. A map is relative to the area it depicts because it relies on landmarks to guide the user. If the map is not up to date, then the map is useless to a stranger that is looking for an object to base his current location off of when the object no longer exists. A map needs to be a current depiction of the world that exists otherwise it has little to no use. We make maps because it is one of the most efficient ways to show where you are in location to another place. It is also the easiest way to navigate anywhere in the country and arrive at the right place.

I left my dorm at 6:25 and started walking to my first color. My first paint chip was red so my immediate thought was to go to the red line and I decided to go north towards Howard.

I was on the train north when I was on the train north I made it to the Addison and thought of the green of Wrigleyville to match my green swatch. I got off the north bound train and decided to make a lap around Wrigley Field.

I found a cubs cart with the red being a match for the C in the Cub’s logo.

I made it to the iconic entrance of Wrigley Field and again matched the red to the red of the stadium.

I continued down Addison towards a Taco Bell because I have no self-control when it comes to food, I am sorry Jason. The red did happen to match the fire sauce packet if that is any consolation.

Walking around Wrigleyville was an interesting experience, I lost count of the amount of drunk Cub’s fans screaming walking around the street, there was a tiny parade of cub themed floats flying down Addison. The green street signs guided me back to the red line stop ending my walk.