The Red Line to Blue Nation: A Walk Through Wrigleyville

Tonight I decided to walk through the energetic area of Wrigleyville, home of the Chicago Cubs and their die hard fans. Even on a night when the team is away, the fans crowd into one of the many sports bars. The paint chips I picked out were two of my favorite colors: red and blue. I left to go to Wrigleyville on the red line towards Howard from Fullerton. The trip was quick, although I was in absolutely no rush at all. I began to notice the rustling of the leaves in the trees of the community. The colors in the neighborhood fit my paint chips perfectly. The red and blue theme is pretty standard across the area. My favorite red things in the area, however, were the little tiny fire hydrants.

The little red fire hydrants alongside the shrubbery reminds me much of a Wes Anderson movie. The colors at night make the area seem almost movie like to me. Not real, out of a fake place created in an old baseball film. The stadium looks to old to me. Old, white painted wood that looks all classical. The flags, the old board, lights. It seemed although I had been sucked into a vintage baseball card, like on old series of books I read as a child.

The blue was far more pretty looking to me across the area. Looking for blue makes me happy. One of my favorite things that I’ve ever seen is a blue jay. We don’t have very many different birds living around me at home in Orange County, California. The alley ways have windows, trash bins, and lights that give off a blue tint that attracts me to the sidewalk to continue my walk.

The last thing I saw that had both red and blue was an ATM building. But it also had green, my other favorite color. It was pinstriped like the gods that the area worships.

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