The Two Shades of Autumn: Mustard and Mac n’ Cheese

In other words, yellow.

I chose two different shade of yellow because it’s my favorite color and I felt monochromatic at the time.

I didn’t walk far to find similar colors for each.

My lightest yellow was the easiest. All I had to do was look down a see the fallen leaves of trees in Lincoln Park. Theses leaves were mostly scattered near the edge of streets and sidewalks. So all there was surrounding me were cars passing by or parked and people speed walking to places I might have been.

My second object was a newspaper stand. I received odd looks because I had the other yellow held in between my lips while both my hands were occupied with the lightest yellow and my phone to take a picture. As I photograph this, a man started to approach my direction and I thought to get out of his way. I assumed I was in the way of something. I started to walk again and I looked back at the man. He needed to set down his bags on top of the newspaper box as he waited for the bus.

For my darkest, more saturated yellow was a bit more difficult but not impossible.

The objects were mostly the sides of buildings and establishments.

The first one matched the color of BIG & Little’s restaurant. There were a lot of people seated inside eating one of the most savory burger I have ever had and the second best truffle fries. There was outside seating but no one chose this option because it was past 7:00pm, I’m assuming. The second you walk past the joint you’re bombarded with the smell of quality, greasy, and filling food.

The second object was a restaurant called Cheesie’s Pub & Grub. The color of the building had a sight orange tint, but it was close enough. When I peered in through the window there were no patrons. It was open, yet no one bothered coming in. It’s funny how both of the restaurants have the same color, but have different atmospheres. No smells and no excitement. Just one lady sitting alone at an empty table watching the mounted TV in the corner of the restaurant.

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