Two Ways That Fashion Can Hurt

There are simply two ways that fashion can hurt. It is either the way it hurts you when putting in actual effort in when dressing yourself or the way it hurts the city itself when you don’t try. You might be wondering why it would hurt Chicago in this situation. I personally think that there is an exchange that is mandatory when entering the city of Chicago. See, there is so much that the city has to offer like its many activities and even just its breath-taking views and beauty that I feel that it is our duty to give something back. We worship this city as we walk pass its extravagant buildings and use all of its resources. And so I feel that one of the better ways to give back to this powerful entity, or god/goddess, is to simply exchange beauty with beauty and we can achieve that by experiencing the phrase “fashion hurts” whether it’d be breaking our bank account to buy nice, yet affordable clothes or wearing the tallest heels and walk around a mile or two (props to all the women out there who can do it)


Considering where I live, I think that it is a privilege for me to be able to walk in a city as wonderful as Chicago. I realized that there are people that do not have the same privilege as I do, the privilege that there is a high chance that my future is in a place as opportunistic as Chicago. It is a privilege because every second of the day in this city, there is always something that it can give you. However, this privilege comes with threats like the high rate of crime and overall the danger that happens at night. But despite all the negatives, it influences me not only to be aware of my surroundings, but also be aware of myself. With this awareness, I can focus on myself on how I can do better and how the city as I walk through it and enjoy its pleasure can be a component to my growth, and especially vice versa.