Walking and Me

Of all the pictures that I have taken during my first weeks of college these two are my favorite. I feel like each of these photos reflect different aspects of my life. One of the things I have continuously written about is my experiences visiting Chicago as a child. The connection that I have with downtown was a bond created over years of walking those streets and over time the streets and I both changed. I took this photo while on a bridge over looking Jackson street while on the second day of immersion week. Our group got to millennium park early and were still waiting for the rest of the groups to get there so we decided to walk around and we reached the point directly in the middle of the street. I like this photo because while the buildings are separated by the streets they come together to form a community. I admire the time that went in to creating such a beautiful neighborhood that the whole city can enjoy. My second photo which I took last week for the color walk is located a block away from the Grand stop and brings a little happiness to the city. I do not know the name of the mural so I came up with my own name for them, the love me smiley faces. While walking down Ohio street with no real emotion, I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad, I was content. Then I saw these with no real words or anything they put a smile on my face and the faces of the complete strangers around me. That is why I love this city, because a random person put their time and effort into making a simple artwork that bring a small bit of joy into peoples lives. I want to be able to bring that joy to people around me. During my time at DePaul I want to create community that I feel great around and want to be able to bring so joy to them.

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