Walking and Me: Art, Independence, and Community

Street art in Pilsen.
Views from the Brownline.

I chose these two pictures to relate myself with my Discover Chicago experience because I feel like they describe my creativity with my sense of adventure and newfound sense of independence. I have always enjoyed art and I try to implement creativity in everything I do. For example, I enjoy when school work involves being creative like with our Medium posts for discover. Also, I love to take pictures, finding a personal hobby in my Instagram account. I truly believe you can find beauty in anyrhing and I live with that motto in mind, When I took this picture, we were in Pilsen. All around us was beautiful artwork created by both professional artists and everyday people. The artwork displayed ethnic pride, struggle, heart break and pain. I admired how the community poured their soul into the artwork, creating something beautiful that the whole town could marvel. I feel as though this sentiment of a community and artistic ideals reflects who I am as well as how I hope my career at DePaul will be. I also chose the picture of buildings outside of the Brown line. I specifically chose the Brown line because it is my favorite line. I enjoy having the public transportation at my disposal. I feel every day as though I can explore the city, all of the neighborhoods I’ve never been to, the tourist landmarks, and hidden gems. My sense of adventure leads me to try new and exciting things, such as trying new classes or talking tonew people. I hope my sense of adventure continues to inspire and lead me on my best path. Lastly, public transportation gives me a sense of independence, knowing I can navigate the city myself. When I took the second picture, I was surrounded by strangers, but who were also my neighbors, part of my city. I feel both a strong version of myself as well as part of a diverse and exciting community. Although I could not take a picture of it, I truly felt part of my Discover Chicago community and I am thankful for the experience I have had here.

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