Why Logic Is A Problem

And How To Make It Work For You

Have you ever had a friend share some good logic with you? Logic that sounded great in theory, but when it came to implementing it, it fell flat?!

Say for example your friend is using an affirmation for increasing their income. It’s a really cool affirmation and you understand the logic behind using it….BUT

You don’t believe it’s going to support you in increasing your own bank balance even though it seems to be working for your friend. And try as you might to make the logic stick and work, it just doesn’t.

Not only are you left feeling frustrated, but you begin to wonder what the heck is wrong with you that you can’t make the logic work when it’s working for your friend. The truth…

There’s nothing wrong with you. Not in the least. The problem is not with you; it’s with the logic.

Here’s why…

Logic is amazing but we need to feel connected to it and believe in it to integrate it. It’s the connection that helps us get it in the feelers (a.k.a the feeling level) where it motivates us to use it and make it work.​


Now that we know why logic doesn’t always work, let’s get down to the business of how to make it work for us.

Let’s take that example of the affirmation. We understand that affirmations are a tool used to create a positive mindset. And how that positive mindset creates positive energy, which helps to manifest positive things. Yep, we get the reason (logic) behind affirmations, which is awesome!

We just can’t connect to the affirmation because we don’t feel it. It’s not the reason (the logic) that is the issue, it’s the method used to execute the logic (the affirmation).

So as to not throw the baby (the logic) out with the bathwater (the method) here are some things to use to make logic work.

“What do I believe?” Asking this simple, but powerful question helps to create logic that is not only workable, but believable (feel-able).

Example: What do I believe?

I believe that a positive mindset is going to help me. And in order to create a positive mindset I need to use visuals that represent what I want and that make me feel good.

Look for evidence. Try different things on for size using the logic as the foundation and look for the evidence that creates believability and feel-ability. OR look for evidence from the past that supports the current logic.

Example: In the past when I have wanted to increase my bank balance, I got really clear on why I wanted to increase my bank balance and the benefits of doing so. I then stopped trying to figure out “how” I was going to increase my bank balance, because trying to figure out the “how” made me frustrated. Instead I focused on the benefits because the benefits felt good. I used the benefits as my focus. And any time a good opportunity presented itself, I went for it.

The more evidence we have the more we believe. And when we believe, we get it in the feelers.

Remove the comparison and the force. It’s important to remember when it comes to integrating logic that no two people are alike.

Comparing our ability to a friend’s ability to integrate the logic only detracts from finding a way that works for us. It’s their way. They believe in it and it works for them. That does not mean it has to work for us.

This is where not forcing it comes into play. Forcing someone else’s logic (or how it’s use) to become our own is like forcing our foot into a shoe two sizes too small. Feel like trying to walk in that shoe?

In wrapping up here’s a little handy graphic to remind us of how to make good logic work…

​Until next time, I’m sending you much love and light from my open heart to yours…

Originally published at www.whatswithinu.com.