Another side of Xuhui: from Zhaojiabang road, to Middle Longhua road.

Today, on a fairly good mid-March day, we’ll take perhaps our longest walk so far, to explore the south-side of Xuhui, seeing some neighorhoods which aren’t often visited, and ending on the recently built “Xitan”, literally ‘West Bund’, which is like a quieter version of the bund...

We’ll start from the Zhaojiabang road metro station, and walk towards Middle Longhua, follwing Dong An road southwards all the way to the waterfront.

Our starting point: Zhaojiabang road, facing the Xujiahui towers in the distance.

Walking down Dong An road, we get to witness a pittoresque part of Xuhui, were not many ‘foreigners’ go normally…

We have now reached Middle Longhua road, pass through a recently built ‘high-end’ neighorhood, and reach the waterfront.

The paint is still drying on the buildings, which undoubtedly have all been sold, yet are still rather empty.
Workers, wrapping up their work I assume.
The new ‘high-end’ neighborhood, conveniently located by the waterfront.

Finally, we’ve reached the waterfront.

On the other side, a high-end wedding parlor, whose interior was in fact designed by your favorite Airbnb host Nita.

It seems like the old crane structures have been left for decoration…

Again, Xujiahui in the distance, a bit further away this time…

An awesome skateboarding park.

Original place to take bridal pictures…

Time to walk back to the metro station. As you can see from the building site, the neighborhood is in flux.

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