100 Days of Failure

On Saturday, Donald Trump came back to Pennsylvania to celebrate his 100th day in office as President. What was there to really celebrate though? Broken promises, potential wars and a divided country? He came back to a state he won ever so narrowly, not by building up his vote over Mitt Romney’s 2012 totals, but by tearing down his opponent, and winning a race to the bottom. Donald Trump really should have just sat at the White House and watched some Lawrence Welk or something, because there was nothing to celebrate for him at 100 days.

The Affordable Care Act has not been repealed, nor does it seem like the GOP has a plan to repeal it with. “The Wall” he wants to build on the Mexican border is not happening, as in it’s not in the spending deal he is signing, nor is Mexico paying for it. His “Muslim Ban” is being ruled unconstitutional in virtually every court that it arrives in. He bombed a few runways in Syria, but had no impact on stopping that civil war. Not only has he done nothing to bring back coal mines and steel mills, he may not even help coal miners keep their health benefits. Despite his assurances he would defend the 2nd Amendment, his NRA speech this past week did not even allow guns in.

What has this guy accomplished?

A lot of whining. He says this job is harder than his previous life. He also let us know that health care is complicated. Thanks for the newsflash. While he’s signed executive orders to block the free flow of information from the government to it’s people, spent lots of money on going to his vacation resort every weekend and insulted plenty of allies, Donald Trump hasn’t achieved much in any form that usual Presidents would. He did put out a one page “outline” of his tax reform plan that managed to be really, really rotten awful, and yet vague at the same time, but it would seem unlikely that this one-pager has any chance of becoming law. He did reform his own health care replacement bill, or rather let Congress do it, so they cut out protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but that doesn’t have the votes either. The further I look, the more I struggle to find any kind of positive achievements from his first 100 days. His Supreme Court pick? Well, sure, he got to the bench, as one of his appeals court opinions was being savaged by the other eight judges, and then on the bench he allowed Arkansas to carry out their “execution-palooza,” which they managed to only “partially” botch. Yeah, I wouldn’t cite that as good either…

So Donald Trump came to Harrisburg, PA to celebrate, and on cue, some Nazis and other Alt-Right freaks came out to celebrate with him, but that’s about all that he could muster. Despite his pleas that he had a “record” crowd, there were empty seats all over the place for people to attend. Apparently there weren’t too many people in Pennsylvania dying to celebrate with Donald Trump.

My advice for Donald when he gets to 200 days is to just stay at the White House. Seriously, stay there. At least pretend your are achieving something. Maybe continue to rant about how Andrew Jackson could have stopped the Civil War, or talk about how you want to change the First Amendment to allow yourself to sue the press for “libel,” which is also known as reporting to the rest of us. Just do anything other than have a rally to celebrate all of the promises you’ve broken and are never going to keep, and all the failing and losing you’re going to cause this country for the next 45 months.

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