Congratulations to UNC and March Madness Other Winner- The NBA

I watched most of the games during the Final Four this weekend, and have to say I was entertained. I was happy to see North Carolina win the men’s tournament after the heartbreak of 2016, and was also quite happy to see South Carolina break through and get a women’s title for someone besides UConn. The games were entertaining and it was fun.

Let’s also put something else to rest though- how much better the NBA is than any other basketball on television. Last night’s men’s final was exciting and entertaining, but let’s not pretend it was even on par with a Nets-Lakers showdown this time of year. There are a lot of people who knock the NBA for tanking teams and other things they don’t like, but they are simply wrong- the NBA is a wildly superior product to any other basketball you will ever see.

This isn’t to diss what we watched the last three weekends- it was fun and well worth watching. The players entertained us quite well. I enjoyed the tournament very much this year. I’m going to enjoy the last few Sixers games though, something fierce.

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