Novel Character Sketch 4: Dr Saul Terence Magilligan Friedman


Dr Saul Friedman is one of the three central heroes of the novel; alongside Deborah Mona Willow and, of course, Adolph “Honest Adolph” Adams.

Friedman is heavily devoted the cause of liberty; however, decades of long struggle have worn him down. Although he is still full of fight, even now, and is capable of truly tremendous bravura speeches, his long march for freedom appears to be taking a heavy toll on his physical and mental health; as his infatuated aide, Lucy, knows only too well.

Unlike the calm and plain-speaking Adams, Friedman has a certain flamboyancy and indefatigability; but as I have already stated, this is not the whole truth.

Senator Marcus Charleston Bubble utterly abhors Saul, and will do anything it takes to destroy him. Not content with getting Saul purged from the Republican Party (very early on in the novel), he also encourages people to spy on Saul.

And mocking Saul’s sometimes erratic and repetitive speech habits, he refers to him in private as ‘Saul Fricketty-Frick Friedman,’ and brutally disparages Saul and his ‘tribe’ (sic!)

Saul may be irritable, impatient and unpredictable; but anyone can see that he is a staunch defender of liberty, and perhaps that is all that really matters in these perilous times.


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