What Wallaroo Labs is Reading (August 21, 2018)

End of August is a great time to hit the beach, right? Grab some of our interesting reads before you head out!


Logical Types for Untyped Languages via @nisanharamati

“While investigating the vulnerability that causes Foreshadow, which Intel refers to as ‘L1 Terminal Fault’, Intel identified two related attacks, which we call Foreshadow-NG. These attacks can potentially be used to read any information residing in the L1 cache, including information belonging to the System Management Mode (SMM), the Operating System’s Kernel, or Hypervisor.” via @slfritchie

“Interesting read on managing technical debt.” via @rachelreese

Because I love a good Key-value store… “What differentiates FASTER are its cache-optimized index that achieves very high performance — up to 160 million operations per second when data fits in memory; its unique “hybrid record log” design that combines a traditional persistent log with in-place updates, to shape the memory working set and retain performance; and its architecture as an component that can be embedded in cloud apps.” And the paper via Sean T. Allen

“This is a hell of talk abstract. Ok James Mickens, I’ll bite, and I’ll watch.” via Sean T. Allen

“Detailed look at enterprise technology industry trends from Work-Bench.” via Chuck Blake


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