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Wallem is a project that Team Swiss has been working on passionately since 2018, in collaboration with two other teams of developers based in Italy and India. In 2018, the first test version was launched with events in London, Dubai and Lugano enjoying great success from the participants. The team therefore decided to take the concept further and, after two years of development, re-proposed to the public an updated and more refined version that was launched by YouTuber PewDiePie on his official channel.

The new version of Wallem was immediately a huge hit with the public and attracted the interest…

Wallem App

Krakatoa, the company that owns Wallem, is happy to announce the Wallem app! The game is now available for free on both iOS and Android.

This is an engaging video game based on a 3D map, which means that users will need to activate their geolocalization, and on an ultimate Augmented Reality engine, capable of controlling skins’ real-time actions.

By navigating on the worldwide 3D map, users — using their skins— can join events, catch brand points and use them to buy amazing products. …

Wallem announces a new event dedicated to Padel

The Wallem app now has a new event dedicated to padel, a sport that is attracting more and more players of all ages.

The event is free and is called “Tyresia Padel Go”. It is accessible through the free Wallem app available on both iOS and Android stores.

Tyresia Padel Go is a live, simple and exciting event — without age limits — that can be selected from those offered within the Wallem app.

In the app you will also find two new avatar players that faithfully reproduce the features and movements…

After the positive response obtained during the vote a few days ago, we are here to finally announce the sale of the new Wallem Landlords NFTs on the Opensea marketplace.

In fact, as promised we created new Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing specific geographical areas (UK, Greece, Turkey, Italy, United States, etc…).

The owner of these new NFTs related to a specific territory will receive a total of 20% fee of all revenues from Wallem players participating in events in that specific geographical area.

For example: if there are 10 NFTs, they will share the 20%, so each of them will…

Wallem AMA Recap

Good morning Wallem Players, thank you for being here, this is Paul — Community Manager of Wallem. Feel free to ask any question regarding Wallem during the next 30 minutes. It will be our pleasure to spend this time with all of you.

Q: What about wallem server. It’s fine or not ?

A: Not yet, we are experiencing a cyber attack for a couple of days. They attacked the server during the night. We are working to fix it, hope to provide you good news ASAP.

Q: When and what will be the next events?

A: Next session of…

Today, December 28th, Krakatoa is happy to announce the launch of the brand new clothing shop called Krakatoa NYC, born from a partnership between Krakatoa SA (Swiss-based) and Krakatoa Inc. (NYC-based). The first 2021 collection has been designed by the artist Diego Sommariva, graphic designer at Santa Cruz Skateboard and at RockStar games.

The shop includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats and art posters with a catchy urban style, ideal for Wallem players and not only.

In this e-commerce you will be able to pay with credit cards and — here we go fellas — starting from January 20th it will also…

The Wallem team is pleased to announce the long-awaited Covid-19 Free Event.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a large part of the world’s population is housebound, so the Wallem team has decided to help players by allowing them to use the app to play the game from home, without leaving their flat.

Wallem has suspended its outdoor events to focus on this indoor event and help combat COVID-19.

This event will be open for all users of the app who have downloaded the game and successfully registered. …

A few days ago, Wallem opened its own Instagram profile to share the products you can get by playing with the app, photos of different events around the city, videos and posts from influencers, and much more.

In order to promote the game and expand Wallem’s user base, which will allow having more partners and organize more events, the team decided to start publishing YOUR photos.

Participating is very easy: follow us on Instagram and tag us in your Wallem-themed posts. The pictures can represent your adventures while playing, the weirdest places where you’ll find brand points, the products you…

The winners of the PieDAO event

The Crypto United event is currently taking place on Wallem, a mobile game available on iOS and Android (here all the info).

To obtain a ticket for Crypto United it is necessary to attend at least one of the previous events.

The first event in this series was the one in collaboration with the company PieDAO, which started on November 24th, 2020.

The players that, thanks to their participation in the PieDAO event, obtained their first tickets are:

  1. Bep0p, USA
  2. Daggs, UK
  3. KKBoys, India (disqualified)*
  4. Jackoldbet, Italy
  5. Masonx, USA
  6. Shatter, UK
  7. Dennyuka, Germany
  8. Zab…

From December 5th, 2020, the mobile game Wallem (iOS or Android) will feature the crypto event created in collaboration with pTokens.

Participating is easy and open to the whole world. The aim is to get points — not real tokens — which will then give access to a limited number of people to the Crypto United event which will be held on the app during the month of May 2021.

Not everyone will be able to participate: only 21 players who manage to capture the first 250 pTokens points will win the ticket to enter the Crypto United Event 2021.


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