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New Crypto United event in collaboration with pTokens

From December 5th, 2020, the mobile game Wallem (iOS or Android) will feature the crypto event created in collaboration with pTokens.

Participating is easy and open to the whole world. The aim is to get points — not real tokens — which will then give access to a limited number of people to the Crypto United event which will be held on the app during the month of May 2021.

Not everyone will be able to participate: only 21 players who manage to capture the first 250 pTokens points will win the ticket to enter the Crypto United Event 2021.

This ticket is nominative, as it is linked to the account that obtained it and is therefore not transferable to third parties. A user who already had a ticket — playing at the previous PieDAO event — will not gain any additional advantage by having another ticket because they cannot give it to other players.

The PieDAO event

As mentioned, to get a ticket to Crypto United it is necessary to attend at least one of the previous events first.

The first event in this series was PieDAO, which started on November 24th, 2020.

During this event, 20 tickets were put up for grabs, all of which have now been won, which is why Wallem is organizing other crypto-themed events, such as this one with pTokens, to distribute up to 200 tickets.

The players who managed to earn their tickets for Crypto United by collecting PieDAO points, as you may have noticed, are 19 and not 20 because the Indian user Kkboys was disqualified on the grounds that the anti-cheating system detected malicious behaviour. For this reason, his ticket will be added to the pTokens event where there will be 21 tickets available.

How to play

Playing Wallem is similar to Pokemon Go, but with real products to catch. Moving through the streets of your city you can capture crypto or points and then redeem products. Users have been able to earn iPhone 12, Armani watches, Amazon coupons and much more.

To participate in this pTokens event you will need PTERIA tokens, which can be found in the dedicated event for free or can be purchased in the Wallem store.

Wallem and the Crypto United Event

This special gaming event is organized by Wallem, or more precisely by Krakatoa, the company that created the game, in collaboration with several companies in the crypto world that will distribute up to 50 thousand USD in their tokens through the game.

The first company was PieDAO and now it’s the turn of pTokens with its PNT, but in the future there will be other collaborations too, not least the one offering up for grabs PTERIA, the official tokens of Wallem itself.

Wallem and charity

As mentioned a few weeks ago, this Crypto United Event 2021 also has a charitable side, seeing that Wallem has decided that half of all cryptocurrencies collected will go to charity.

If a user, for example, were to collect $1000 in crypto, he would have to donate half, or $500 in this case, to a charity of his choice, while the other half would go into the chosen ETH wallet.

The users themselves will decide which charity to donate their part of the money to.




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