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The winners of the PieDAO event

The winners of the PieDAO event

The Crypto United event is currently taking place on Wallem, a mobile game available on iOS and Android (here all the info).

To obtain a ticket for Crypto United it is necessary to attend at least one of the previous events.

The first event in this series was the one in collaboration with the company PieDAO, which started on November 24th, 2020.

The players that, thanks to their participation in the PieDAO event, obtained their first tickets are:

  1. Bep0p, USA
  2. Daggs, UK
  3. KKBoys, India (disqualified)*
  4. Jackoldbet, Italy
  5. Masonx, USA
  6. Shatter, UK
  7. Dennyuka, Germany
  8. Zab, Italy
  9. Ocaoca, Italy
  10. Greyen, Italy
  11. Tanishq, India
  12. Skylark, Germany
  13. Violence, Turkey,
  14. Cangcungcah, Indonesia
  15. Weakbot, UK
  16. Cryptozombie, South Africa
  17. Nefos, Turkey
  18. Silvia7582, Italy
  19. Emirhan, Turkey
  20. Tenarien, UK

Congratulations to these players, who can be called Wallem’s pioneers!

*Indian user Kkboys has been disqualified because the anti-cheating system detected malicious behaviour. For this reason, his ticket will be added to the pTokens event where there will be 21 tickets available.

Wallem and the Crypto United Event

This special gaming event is organized by Wallem, or more precisely by Krakatoa, the company that created the game, in collaboration with several companies in the crypto world that will distribute up to 50 thousand USD in their tokens through the game.

The first company was PieDAO, while from December 5th it will be the turn of pTokens with its PNT.




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