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Wallem: a contest on Instagram with PTERIA up for grabs

A few days ago, Wallem opened its own Instagram profile to share the products you can get by playing with the app, photos of different events around the city, videos and posts from influencers, and much more.

In order to promote the game and expand Wallem’s user base, which will allow having more partners and organize more events, the team decided to start publishing YOUR photos.

Participating is very easy: follow us on Instagram and tag us in your Wallem-themed posts. The pictures can represent your adventures while playing, the weirdest places where you’ll find brand points, the products you earn by playing, and much more. Imagination will always be super appreciated!

Moreover, to start this journey together, we decided to organize a first contest to reward the most beautiful picture you will send us.

From today, December 7th, until the end of the month, tag us in your best photos and we will reward the one that receives the highest number of likes!

The prize will consist of 50 PTERIA tokens.

This will be only the first of the contests we will organize, so stay tuned on Instagram to learn more!




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Wallem Team

Wallem Team

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