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Wallem AMA Recap

Wallem AMA Recap

Good morning Wallem Players, thank you for being here, this is Paul — Community Manager of Wallem. Feel free to ask any question regarding Wallem during the next 30 minutes. It will be our pleasure to spend this time with all of you.

Q: What about wallem server. It’s fine or not ?

A: Not yet, we are experiencing a cyber attack for a couple of days. They attacked the server during the night. We are working to fix it, hope to provide you good news ASAP.

Q: When and what will be the next events?

A: Next session of events will start in April, official relaunch of Wallem is scheduled for May 2021 — depending on the global lockdown situation.

Q: Can you comment the recent concerns with Pteria?

A: About that we have already explain the misunderstanding, please check this Press Release: https://medium.com/wallemio/wallem-press-release-f9fa9509d90a

Q: Was it a fake fud?? If yes , how??

A: It wasn’t a fake fud, but a misunderstanding, please check the link above.

Q: There’s any way you could add the number of app downloads/stats to the site? All I can see is the vague (10k+) Play Store downloads to gauge popularity.

A: Yes, is a very good tip, thank you, we’ll do it. At the moment we have +50k downloads mixed iOS and Android.

Q: I’m curious about the Pugs. Anything affected with our NFTs, sales?

A: We’ll push the Pugs NFT series during the April/May launch with some dedicated events. This means that you, as a Wallem Player, should have Pug skin in Wallem to get access specific dedicated events.

Q: I see. Have any personal data from the app been compromised?

A: Not at all, we have a strong security wall that has shutted down the server while the attack arrived. All data are well protected and we had no loss. The only problem is the Wallem App now is not playable until the server will be resetted.

Q: Did this hack affect the partnership or future collaboration opportunities?

A: Nope, because luckily at the moment there were no active events in the App. Jackals always attack in moments of weakness. But in the end, we are turning these attacks in our favor to further implement security protocols. We almost thank them for these cyber attacks 😉

Q: I think the hack attempt proves that there is interest.

A: I think so, thank you.

Q: Nice! well said. Thank you.

A: My pleasure. We are deploying Wallem in 8 additional languages bringing the total to 9: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Korea, Arabic, Ukrainian and German. We are getting ready for the whole world. Our community will expand and there will be rewards of interest in all those new regions. I’d like to invite all of you to join our early access program to share tips about Wallem. https://wallem.io/early-access-program/

Q: Can you elaborate on how the Pteria burning by Wallem will work? As you eventually run low on Pteria will you have to go to market to reacquire tokens?

A: We received 600k. 540k will be burned; 89k already burned. Each end of month we burn the Pterias that were used in games to participate in events to buy virtual goods. Next burn planned end of March — if Covid allows.

Q: Do you think the Ptera price would recover in future?

A: As Wallem we’ll do our best to help our partner Pteria to reach its new ATH.

Q: Hey Paul I have a question, how or do you have a plan to get the trust of PTERIAs community back?

A: We’ll talk with facts. TWe are sure about the validity of the Wallem project both as a game tool and as an innovative marketing tool.

Q: I think there was some confusion over what constitutes a partnership. With the prizes/products are these actual partnerships or just prizes? Clearly the PewDiePie is licensed, but anyone could buy Armani sunglasses and offer them as a prize/product.

A: Good question, let me explain: few events are in partnership with brands — such as Armani and Motta Girella — in other events products are paid by Wallem to let the Wallem Players be motivated to play.

While we planned this event — where the cost is under us — we introduced Partner events. So is a mix of featured, partnered and Wallem events. The App description of every event is clearly written if it is an official event or not. One thing I can say now is that you will soon be able to buy Wallem gift cards online, in physical shops in some Countries and also pay using your phone bill — direct carrier billing. This will facilitate in-app purchases to buy new NFTs, skins and participate in events.

Q: I may have missed it but when browsing the events within the app, say I win the motorbike? How do I receive the product if I live in India? Shipping/taxes etc? Maybe some clarification for the more desirable items, if it’s not already specified.

A: For digital products we send them directly; for physical products — that can be shipped — we ship them; for physical products that cannot be shipped — e.g. the bike you mentioned — we rely on the dealer closest to the player.

Q: Will you ever be having a platform or offering on your app a way to buy and sell the NFTs on Wallem?

A: Yes, is in line for a future release. I’d like to add one thing: we strongly believe in the NFT world and we are organizing special series NFTs where Players can own a specific land and get Pteria fee for all events done on the land owned.

Q: Will a partnership with Night media still be pursued? If not will you be targeting other equivalent partnerships?

A: We are already working to offer equal / superior partnerships.

Q: Is Wallem planning for the future new type of events, like flash events, lottery?

A: Yes, correct- Is in line.

The END: Thank you everybody to have joined this AMA, we wish a great day and we’ll update you soon once the Server Attack will be solved. Thank you everybody ❤️




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