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Wallem announces a new event dedicated to Padel

Wallem announces a new event dedicated to Padel

The Wallem app now has a new event dedicated to padel, a sport that is attracting more and more players of all ages.

The event is free and is called “Tyresia Padel Go”. It is accessible through the free Wallem app available on both iOS and Android stores.

Tyresia Padel Go is a live, simple and exciting event — without age limits — that can be selected from those offered within the Wallem app.

In the app you will also find two new avatar players that faithfully reproduce the features and movements of two real Italian Padel Champions: Marcelo Capitani, 2020 Italian Padel Champion and Martina Lombardi, player of the Italian National Padel Team.

The two avatars of Marcelo and Martina, aided by Augmented Reality technology, will try to reach their goal: find and capture 15 balls to get discounts of up to 40% on padel apparel on tyresia.com.

All participants who have collected at least 10 balls will have the chance to get one of 5 Tyresia T-shirts from the 2021 summer line.

Both Champions’ skins will soon be tokenized and offered as NFTs on Wallem’s store on OpenSea. NFT owners will receive part of the rewards of the tokens collected in the app from players using the relevant skins.




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