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Wallem launches its brand new clothing shop allowing to buy merch with PTERIA

Today, December 28th, Krakatoa is happy to announce the launch of the brand new clothing shop called Krakatoa NYC, born from a partnership between Krakatoa SA (Swiss-based) and Krakatoa Inc. (NYC-based). The first 2021 collection has been designed by the artist Diego Sommariva, graphic designer at Santa Cruz Skateboard and at RockStar games.

The shop includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats and art posters with a catchy urban style, ideal for Wallem players and not only.

In this e-commerce you will be able to pay with credit cards and — here we go fellas — starting from January 20th it will also be possible to make purchases with PTERIA tokens. Buying with PTERIA the user will get a 5% discount on the whole purchase.

The PTERIA that can be used for these purchases are not the in-app tokens used when playing Wallem, but the ones available on the exchanges.

The shipments are worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea.

The Kristmas event

At the moment of this launch, on the Wallem app — developed by Krakatoa — the users can find an event called “Kristmas”. Players can obtain 100% or 50% of discount of all the apparels available on Krakatoa NYC.

In fact, during this Kristmas worldwide event, players need to obtain 100 candies in Augmented Reality to get a 100% discount on a product from the new clothing shop. Starting from the third classified, the user will get 50% off.

In the future, Wallem will announce other events to facilitate the purchases on Krakatoa NYC.




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