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Empowering the App Experience with WalletConnect

In just a handful of years, a new digital landscape, built on blockchain technology, has emerged. As web3 grows and evolves, a host of wildly innovative use cases are coming to the fore, broadening the possibilities for how individuals and collectives connect, create, earn, and own.

For these new apps to accrue users, they need to be able to bridge their services with them. In the case of web3, that means facilitating a connection with their wallet, the all-in-one account of this nascent space. However, there are already hundreds of wallet providers, with users hopping between desktop, browser, and mobile options. Breaking down the silos to connect with them all — or even a curated selection — is the challenge at hand.

In this world of multiplying wallets and apps, WalletConnect provides the infrastructure necessary for different parties to securely connect. A one-stop, agnostic solution that enables interoperability regardless of app, device, or chain, WalletConnect’s open-source protocol allows the user of any wallet to easily plug into and interact with an app. A simple integration is all it takes to lay the groundwork for extraordinary scale.

Unlocking use cases with WalletConnect

Decentralized finance

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is, without a doubt, one of web3’s most dynamic sectors. Decentralized exchanges and protocols are allowing users to do more with their cryptocurrency through services like trading, lending, and staking. DeFi apps that support WalletConnect include Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound, and Lido.


As crypto adoption rises, a growing number of payment providers are expanding beyond fiat to add crypto-related features. Through its WalletConnect integration, Stripe, the digital payments processor, is now piloting crypto payouts for a select group of Twitter creators.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm as creators, brands, and individuals experiment with the concept of a unique digital asset. NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Gem, LooksRare, and Foundation leverage WalletConnect to bridge their services with widespread users looking to mint, buy, sell, and store their NFTs. Meanwhile, social platforms like Twitter are implementing NFT profile photo features with WalletConnect by allowing users to connect their wallet and verify ownership for it to be uploaded and shared.


With crypto woven into the experience, blockchain-based games are offering novel ways for players to own and transfer in-game assets, introducing concepts like play-to-earn or remixing free-to-play for web3. Games like DEEPSPACE and Forest Knight use WalletConnect to establish a convenient connection with user wallets and facilitate transactions with ease.

Scale your app with WalletConnect

To find out more about how WalletConnect can empower your app’s user experience, reach out to us at partner@walletconnect.com.

To keep up with WalletConnect’s announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and register today.



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