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Empowering the Wallet Experience with WalletConnect

As a foundational component of web3, wallets play a critical role. Not only do they allow users to easily manage their cryptocurrencies, but they enable them to interact with a broad range of emerging products and services, from decentralized finance to digital art.

However, a major piece of the decentralization puzzle revolves around facilitating connection between the vast number of apps. While wallets can hardcode interoperability with every app, it’s hardly the most resource-efficient answer, given the number of new projects continuously springing up. With money woven into the fabric of web3, wallets and apps must also ensure a secure connection with end-to-end encryption. Moreover, the majority of web3 apps are currently desktop-based, while the number of mobile app wallets are surging. Ensuring a cross-device connection adds yet another hurdle.

This is where WalletConnect steps in. WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that securely connects any wallet and any app. It does so using a QR code or deep link, paving the way for apps across devices to securely and seamlessly connect.

Not only is the solution elegantly simple, but it is underpinned by a rich ecosystem of integrations that is growing by the day. Any wallet and app that integrates WalletConnect can immediately interoperate with the more than 170 wallets and 450 apps that already support WalletConnect. This broad ecosystem helps wallets fulfill their user promise, realizing their utility as a portal to the growing world of web3 experiences.

Unlocking use cases with WalletConnect

Easy transaction signing: As the rails linking wallets and apps, WalletConnect not only enables two parties to connect but also interact. Wallet users are able to plug in to a variety of apps and sign off on their transactions with ease.

Ownership verification: To dabble with features such as NFT profile photos, users must demonstrate ownership of their tokens. This is done by connecting the wallet in which the token is held. WalletConnect facilitates the sharing of such information, allowing users to easily authenticate their assets and use them across apps.

Multi-chain capabilities: With WalletConnect v2.0’s multi-chain support, wallets can broaden their cryptocurrency coverage and enable their users to store tokens from multiple chains and rollups. Designed with the end user in mind, the protocol enables simultaneous connection and transactions with multiple chains, eliminating the hassle of switching between them.

Multi-platform experiences: WalletConnect can be integrated by and facilitate connection between desktop, mobile, browser, and gaming apps. The possibilities are endless!

Scale your wallet with WalletConnect

To find out more about how WalletConnect can empower your wallet’s user experience, reach out to us at partner@walletconnect.com.

To keep up with WalletConnect’s announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and register today.



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