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Say Hello to Chat: A First Look at Our New API

When WalletConnect first launched in 2018, the focus was purely on connecting wallets and dapps. For web3 to grow and fulfill its promises, we needed a method for different parties — any party — to connect in a way that was secure and trustless.

How far we, as an ecosystem and as WalletConnect, has come. Gone are the interoperability hurdles that restricted users in their choice of wallet. The wallet can now truly be wherever the user wants it to be, thanks to our open, agnostic remote signer protocol which we have now rebranded as WalletConnect Sign. It has been adopted by thousands of wallets and apps to empower billions of connections, bridging the ecosystem together. This has unleashed a flywheel effect, fueling incredible growth and innovation over these last few years.

Today, we are opening a new chapter by unveiling a first look at our upcoming WalletConnect Chat API. Leveraging our relay network and built with our signature agnosticism, it facilitates direct messaging between any two wallets.

The key features include:

  • Chat between any two wallets, regardless of chain and device. Any two users of a WalletConnect-enabled wallet can engage in chat. This is a significant departure from web2 chat services, where users must be on the same platform in order to do so.
  • Participate on your terms. In order to be discoverable, users must opt-in, in which case they can be found by their wallet address or ENS name. Those who choose to restrict discoverability can also engage in chat by sharing their details via QR code or link.
  • Use one tool for messaging and money. Users will be able to send messages alongside transactions, simplifying the experience and laying the groundwork for future use cases.
  • Own your chat history. All messages are encrypted and only the chat’s participants can read them. Users can exercise self-custody of their message history, making it both privacy-preserving and censorship-resistant.
  • Keep your keys private. WalletConnect decouples wallet keys and instead employs a secondary key so that every user’s wallet details are kept private, preventing information leakage and spam.

Our ability to bring chat between wallets to life taps into WalletConnect’s ecosystem-driven approach and existing infrastructure, which has been years in the making.

  • A simple plug-in on top of Sign v2.0. Wallets that already support v2.0 of our remote signer API will be able to easily integrate the Chat API, without having to deal with a different tech stack.
  • Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript SDKs. Like with any WalletConnect API, developers can expect easy integration across all platforms.
  • Infrastructure built for scale. The Chat API leverages our existing relay network, guaranteeing message deliverability at scale.

As a missing piece in web3, we believe that chat will revolutionize the role of the wallet, paving the way for use cases that, as of today, still lie beyond our imagination. So, let us know your thoughts and chat with us about this new API!

To keep up with WalletConnect’s announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and register today.



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