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Wallet of the Week: BitKeep

Taking your first steps into web3 can be overwhelming, with a plethora of wallet choices at your fingertips. In our “Wallet of the Week” series, we put the spotlight on one wallet and share why we think they’re worth checking out.

Three reasons why we’re keeping up with BitKeep

A decentralized, multi-chain crypto wallet, BitKeep is big, serving 8 million users from 168+ countries with its mobile, web, and Chrome extension versions. It’s jam-packed with features that make it fun and easy to explore web3.

The all-in-one gateway to web3: With access to 76+ mainnets, BitKeep connects you to popular chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. You can use BitKeep to explore 15,000+ dapps across ecosystems and connect to dapps like OpenSea with just one click. Meanwhile, the BitKeep NFT Market is the world’s first NFT marketplace to support the purchase of NFTs with any token. With more than 100,000 NFTs available and Free Mints as well, the BitKeep NFT Market has also launched a decentralized identity solution called DID Mint Zone, which lets you mint a universal identifier that then syncs your information and assets across apps. This identifier is entirely controlled by you, the user — no one can delete it.

A feature-rich Swap hub: BitKeep provides a powerful Swap service, having aggregated more than 70 DEXs and 14 bridges. More than 220,000 tokens are traded here, with auto-matching to scope out the best deal from multiple swap service providers. Moreover, BitKeep Swap enables on-chain trades with no gas fees, saving you from having to deposit mainnet tokens so that you can enjoy a more seamless trading experience.

A secure and protected experience: BitKeep deploys an original algorithm named DESM for mnemonic phrase/private key encryption and storage. Its security system also includes smart contract risk detection, code audit, address blacklist, and more.

What’s next?

BitKeep is continuously optimizing the wallet experience, and has now made it possible for users to purchase tokens directly through Visa, ApplePay, GooglePay, and any US credit card.

They’re also getting ready to launch the Swap 2.0 protocol, which was audited by SlowMist and has been made open-source. Through this upgrade, you’ll be able to find the optimal Swap route by protocol and browse token volume rankings.

Plus, BitKeep LaunchPad, an initiative that makes it possible for users to participate in early-stage projects, has recently partnered with DAO Maker to open up access to even more projects. You can do this directly from your wallet, so give it a spin!

To find out more about BitKeep, check out their Twitter and website. To discover other wallets in the WalletConnect ecosystem, head on over to our Explorer and start browsing today.



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