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Wallet of the Week: Omni

Taking your first steps into web3 can be overwhelming, with a plethora of wallet choices at your fingertips. In our “Wallet of the Week” series, we put the spotlight on one wallet and share why we think they’re worth checking out.

Three reasons why we’re obsessed with Omni

Omni (formerly Steakwallet) is a next-generation wallet that allows users to manage their assets across major chains, all in one place. Its features include:

Support for 25+ chains and roll-ups: Omni comes pre-configured with support for more than 25 protocols. They include EVM-compatible chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, L2s such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Starkware, and non-EVM chains such as Solana, NEAR, and Cosmos.

A home for your multi-chain NFTs: With Omni, you can view your NFTs from across chains in one app and even set your favorite as your wallet background. Omni supports NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, Fantom, and Arbitrum, and has now expanded support to include Optimism, Solana, Fantom, and Stargaze.

In-wallet three-tap staking and Yearn access: Users can take advantage of in-wallet three-tap native and liquid staking thanks to Omni’s partnerships with a variety of trusted validators, as well as access Yearn Finance vaults for Ethereum and Fantom.

What’s next?

With its rebrand, Omni has launched a host of new features including bridges and swaps for all major EVM chains and hardware wallet support. These new functionalities will increase accessibility and security between various protocols and their users.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating as WalletConnect extends its reach past Ethereum and into domains such as Solana, Cosmos, and NEAR to unlock a truly multi-chain vision,” says Alex, co-founder and CTO of Omni. “We hope for a future where users don’t have to think about what network they’re transacting on.”

To find out more about Omni, check out their Twitter and website. To discover other wallets in the WalletConnect ecosystem, head on over to our Explorer and start browsing today.



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