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Wallet of the Week: SafePal

Taking your first steps into web3 can be overwhelming, with a plethora of wallet choices at your fingertips. In our “Wallet of the Week” series, we put the spotlight on one wallet and share why we think they’re worth checking out.

How we’re keeping safe with SafePal

With SafePal, you can own your crypto adventure. Looking for a hardware wallet? A mobile app wallet? A browser extension wallet? With support for 15 languages and 55 blockchains, SafePal makes sure that there is something for everybody.

The SafePal S1: The hardware wallet option

The SafePal S1 hardware wallet adopts the world’s leading security hardware architecture, with an EAL 5+ secure element (to keep the private key in a safe and isolated environment), true random number generator (to ensure the private key is uniquely generated), and multiple layers of security sensors (to detect a malicious attack and trigger a self-erasing mechanism).

There is no Bluetooth, no WiFi, no NFC, or any other radio-frequencies inside the SafePal S1 device, keeping the private key in a 100% offline environment. This fully offline device communicates with the SafePal app via an encrypted QR code only (also known as the air-gapped signing mechanism).

Device authentication, passphrases, and a self-erasing mechanism also help protect your crypto from supply chain attacks, radio-frequency attacks, and other threats. More security details can be found in SafePal’s knowledge base.

The SafePal app: The mobile wallet option

The SafePal app takes a minute to set-up and unlocks access to 55 blockchains. Ideal for beginners, it can be used as a standalone wallet or in conjunction with the hardware wallet to manage one’s crypto assets and explore an ever-growing number of dapps. This wallet is 100% decentralized and can be used to create a new wallet or import an existing one.

The SafePal browser extension: The extension wallet option

The SafePal browser extension provides advanced security by linking your SafePal hardware wallet or mobile wallet to the extension. With support for 35 chains, it helps you manage your assets across both EVM and non-EVM chains, all in one place. You can even stay connected to dapps across different chains, even when you switch to another chain.

What’s next?

SafePal is currently working on adding support for the Sui blockchain and implementing social recovery features.

What’s more, SafePal hardware and software wallets now support Flare and FLR dapps. It is the first hardware wallet to offer native delegation and Flare staking functionality with its recent V3.8.0 release; extension wallet support will also be arriving later in the year.

To find out more about SafePal, check out their Twitter, website, and sitemap. To discover other wallets in the WalletConnect ecosystem, head on over to our Explorer and start browsing today.



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