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WalletConnect Cloud: You Can Now Sign In with Ethereum

gm, developers! In the spirit of web3, we’re happy to announce that we have now launched the option for you to sign into the WalletConnect Cloud with your Ethereum wallet. Starting today, new users can create an account using either their email address or their Ethereum wallet address, for which we resolve ENS domains and avatars.

Registering on the WalletConnect Cloud generates the projectId for you to start using our relay infrastructure. It also sets you up with our developer dashboard, which then allows you to submit your project to be listed on our Explorer. Once the listing is up, you can manage and update it as necessary via your WalletConnect Cloud account.

Not only can you now sign in as you please, but you can also get a first-hand experience of WalletConnect before you integrate it into your project. We will continue to enhance the developer dashboard with improvements that support this new login method, to ensure the best experience possible.

This feature will be rolled out progressively, first to new users and then to two batches of existing users in the coming weeks. The first batch will be those who registered on the WalletConnect Cloud using an email address; these accounts will be able to link their Ethereum wallet address if they so wish. The second (and last) batch will be accounts that have registered using their wallet address; they will then have the option of adding an email address.

Now for a look at the back-end mechanics! In order to integrate Sign In with Ethereum at this time, we are self-hosting GoTrue, Supbase’s authentication layer, as it currently doesn’t support SIWE (check out the repo here). We are actively working with Supabase to merge the PR that we have opened in order to enable GoTrue support for SIWE. We will self-host our version of the SIWE-enabled GoTrue until the PR is merged, after which we will sunset it in favor of the official Supabase-hosted GoTrue.

Moreover, to achieve full compliance with the SIWE spec (EIP-4361), we are working to support domain binding so as to prevent phishing attacks and ensure user safety. We expect to reach this early next year.

We will announce our updates to the WalletConnect Cloud’s SIWE feature on Twitter as they are rolled out. If you’re a new user, you can already get started. To do so, click on the “Dashboard” button on our website’s navigation bar.

To keep up with WalletConnect’s announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or an app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and register today.



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