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Web3Modal: Redesigned and Ready for Solana

We’ve got some exciting news for you app developers — our redesigned Web3Modal is now stable!

Since unveiling the alpha at ETHBerlin, we’ve been finessing the ins and outs of Web3Modal, making a few UI tweaks based on community feedback as well as implementing a host of improvements to streamline complex connection flows even further. This includes adding support for extra injected wallets and enhancing the user experience when connecting to desktop wallets.

So, what can you expect?

Our redesigned Web3Modal: Feature-rich UX meets versatile DevEx

An elegantly simple yet powerful library, Web3Modal serves as a one-stop shop for apps that are looking to manage their multi-chain wallet connection flows. Not only does it handle the end-to-end wallet connection experience, but it does so with a stunning UI and rich features, making it both a thrill to use and look at. Plus, we’ve purposefully expanded the options for developers, so that you can get the experience you need.

Features include:

  • Rich themes and customization options so that you can adapt Web3Modal to your app’s look and feel
  • A built-in Connect button and out-of-the-box UI components for easy connection management, ENS domain resolution, and real-time balance updates
  • Support for hundreds of wallets and all EVM networks, with non-EVM ones on the way (more on that below)
  • A contextual wallet list that displays wallets based on past user selection
  • Keyboard shortcuts (with more to come)
  • Built-in RPC so that you can enjoy read/write access to multiple blockchains without any extra accounts or set-up
  • Support for multiple frameworks, starting with React and Vanilla JavaScript
  • And more!

Plus, we’ve also created a lightweight standalone version of Web3Modal, which allows you to use Web3Modal with any chain and development tool. This is useful if you are not using wagmi or already manage connections yourself.

Introducing Solib, Web3Modal’s Solana toolkit

We’re advancing fast in adding support for other chains, starting with Solana. We’ve reached a major milestone with the completion of Solib, Web3Modal’s Solana toolkit, which is used to provide an interface for Solana mobile, desktop, and injected wallets. All the functionality needed to interact with Solana is baked into Solib, including connecting wallets, signing messages, sending transactions, interacting with Bonafida’s name service, and more. It’s incredibly easy to get started with Solib; while we will be launching Web3Modal with Solana integrated in the coming months, you can already start digging around!

Looking to get started with the new Web3Modal?

We have a growing list of resources that is being updated regularly so that you have everything you need for a seamless integration.

  • Web3Modal website: Yes, we have a dedicated website so that you can try out Web3Modal and play with the customization options first. Give it a spin!
  • Web3Modal docs: Check out how you can get started. We’ll be adding more guides to help you integrate Web3Modal using your preferred framework.
  • Solib docs website: Get into the nitty-gritty of Web3Modal’s Solana toolkit.
  • Discord: Chat with us, and direct all your Web3Modal-specific questions to the dedicated #web3modal channel.

To keep up with our announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or an app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and explore our documentation.



The communications protocol for web3, WalletConnect brings the ecosystem together by enabling hundreds of wallets and apps to securely connect and interact.

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