We’ve Reset the Clock on the WalletConnect v1.0 Shutdown; Now Scheduled for June 28, 2023

Pedro Gomes
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3 min readFeb 16, 2023


Since we announced the sunset of WalletConnect v1.0 last October, we’ve been focused on the monumental task of migrating the community to WalletConnect v2.0. We’re happy to share that many major wallets are already up on WalletConnect v2.0. However, we recognize that dapps need more time.

As a result, we have decided to extend the migration. This one-time extension will conclude on the new WalletConnect v1.0 shutdown date — 2pm (UTC) on June 28. Starting from June 29, all wallets and dapps are expected to have migrated to the WalletConnect v2.0 servers. This includes dapps that are using self-hosted WalletConnect v1.0 servers.

WalletConnect v2.0 timeline for wallets

Major wallets have either already completed their WalletConnect v2.0 integration or will do so in the coming weeks.

Wallets that are already on WalletConnect v2.0

  • Zerion
  • Trust
  • Argent
  • BitKeep
  • MathWallet
  • SafePal
  • Omni
  • Spot
  • Safe (web)
  • nobank
  • For more, please refer to the Explorer.

Wallets that will soon go live on WalletConnect v2.0

  • Robinhood: February 21 (feature-flag)
  • imToken: February 24
  • Ledger: March 1
  • Exodus: March 1
  • Rainbow: March 17
  • Crypto.com: March 31
  • Blockchain.com: April 30
  • Safe: May 1 (mobile)
  • MetaMask: June 15

If you haven’t completed your migration, you must do so immediately as dapps require wallets for testing. Please refer to the wallet migration section in our docs for how to get started. You can start testing today at lab.web3modal.com.

WalletConnect v2.0 timeline for dapps

While we are extending the migration to June 28, we strongly recommend that dapps migrate to WalletConnect v2.0 immediately. You’ll be able to benefit from an experience that is faster, smoother (no chain switching!), and more reliable. There are already several test branch dapps; if your dapp’s test branch is up and running, please let us know!

Check out the dapp migration section in our docs for how to get started. You can also begin testing with all WalletConnect v2.0 compatible wallets.

Migration support from WalletConnect

We would like to once again thank the community for your time and effort in making the transition to WalletConnect v2.0. We recognize our own shortcomings in the roll-out of the migration, and are committed to providing clearer migration paths moving forward.

Not only will we ramp up support, but we will be commencing a weekly office hours in our Discord entirely dedicated to the WalletConnect v1.0 shutdown. You’ll be able to ask our engineers your migration-related questions directly. The first one will take place at 4:30PM (GMT+1) on February 20.

The WalletConnect team will also be at ETHDenver. Drop by our booth! We look forward to catching up with you in-person.

To keep up with our announcements, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. If you are a wallet or an app that is interested in integrating WalletConnect, head over to our website and explore our documentation.